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Our policy & warranty

It is very important that you feel safe in the knowledge that if you put your trust in our team to do a job for you that we deliver.

This is how we work with our customers.

Initial project assessment
First of all we arrange an initial appointment with you to find out exactly what you want to achieve. We will take details of the general scale and nature of the work involved and then discuss your aspirations and timescales. This will enable us to make a decision whether or not it is a job that we are able to complete for you and if it is appropriate to take it to book a project estimate. This also gives you a chance to meet us and have a relaxed conversation before any big decisions are made.

We will advise you if we think you need third party consent for any of the work that you wish to carry out and direct you at the appropriate organisation if possible.  We can work with your project architect or surveyor if you have appointed one.  A project estimate is the next step.

Project estimate
Our project manager will come out and access exactly what needs doing and produce a fully detailed project brief which can then be fully costed. We will deliver an estimate for you within 7 working days. If the project is very large we will agree a date by which we will provide an estimate.  We communicate in plain English.

Starting work
Once you have agreed to go ahead with the project we will agree our payment terms and conditions. We usually require an initial deposit and staged payments following on from that.

Price variances
Once we have commenced work we will work with you to try and ensure that we meet our estimated price.  If we encounter unforeseen problems we will discuss with you any remedies and where appropriate any additional time and costs.  We will provide you with a written variance quotation for you to agree before we continue so that there are no hidden costs that surprise you when we tender our final account.  Equally you may request us to carry out additional work and the same terms will apply.

Constant contact
We will provide you with one single point of contact and communication that you have access to between the hours of 7am and 10pm. We will also provide you with a special emergency number to call outside of these hours.

Clean and tidy working environment
Building work as you know can be messy and cause some temporary disruption to your living or working space. We do our best to minimise the effects of this for you. If you would like us to move your furniture and equipment to a safe place and move it back when we have finished the job, we are able to offer this service on a separate quote basis. We bring our own protective sheets to cover up all working areas. We clean up at the end of each working day and provide a full cleaning service at the end of the contract. Our team are sensitive to the fact that this is your property and treat it with the respect it deserves.

Safe as houses
Our tradesmen are all fully qualified experts and are fully insured. We also work on site within heath and safety guidelines. You can have the peace of mind you need when having people working in your home or business.

A smart, hard working flexible team
We appreciate that you want your work completed at a time that fits in with your life style and commitments. We are flexible and can arrange our daily start and finish times to suit you. Our team keep their use of mobile phones to appropriate and necessary calls only. They also arrive on site on time in presentable work clothes and respect your presence.  Break times may not coincide with your recognised times due to the variable start and finish times but our team will give you a full day’s work or offer appropriate information.

When we think the project is complete we will invite you to view the workmanship and highlight any area’s that may require further attention.  Once you are happy we will submit our final account for payment on the terms agreed prior to commencement.  We will contact after approximately one month to confirm that you are happy with the work we have done for you.  We may ask you for a testimonial which we can use to demonstrate the passion and pride we take in our work.

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At home and abroad, Build4U also works in close collaboration with our partners and the housing industry to enhance home renovation's presence in the canadian marketplace, and share our housing experience and expertise with the world.